Government partnerships in a new policy world

Last week I made some predictions on the election and boy was I wrong. I’d guessed Labor to pick up six-odd Coalition seats – not a whitewash, but definitely enough to hand them government. Instead, we’re looking at a third term Coalition government, but with a brand-new look following the retirement of so many key figures and an upcoming cabinet overhaul.

 What will this mean for your engagement and partnerships with government?

Firstly, take a quick look at, where the government have all their policies listed and explained. You might notice some areas are a bit long short on detail – but in the context of working with government, that’s ok. In fact, it even presents a fabulous opportunity to get in now, before the detail’s worked out, and talk to government about what the policies affecting your business could look like; including how they could be beneficial to you and your community. Many of the portfolios will soon have Ministers just getting used to their feet under the desk and they’ll be all eyes and ears as they try to engage with their new stakeholders and feel their way around a new job.

Now is the ideal time to be shaping the thinking of government on what and how the big-picture, over-arching policies announced during the election campaign could be implemented.

If you’re a local government, now is the time to polish up your pitch for a project just ripe for the next $200m round of the Building Better Regions Fund or your proposal for a regional deal.

If you’re in education, training or jobs, I’d keep an eye on the $500m+ committed in the skills space.

Basically, have a browse through, identify the areas key to you and your business and work out how you can use these announcements to help you leverage better outcomes for your business and community by aligning your interests with government – or working with them to align their interests with yours.

If you want a hand identifying the how and the why, I’d be more than happy to work with you through my three pillars to partnering with government – working through building your proposal, accelerating your ask and securing the result. Find out more about this process and how it works on my website – and good luck!