• Launch of Advocacy School

    I did a little thing. Some of you know that I have deep experience interacting with lobbyists and community advocates. It’s driven me to want to help the many community organisations hitting a brick wall when it comes to getting support for policy change, delivering a service or securing a government grant or contract.

    So I decided to launch the Advocacy School. Advocacy School is a non-profit initiative providing community leaders with tools and knowledge they need to partner with government.

  • The Missing Middle

    In Australia, our service industries are very heavy on entry level and highly skilled jobs which are increasingly making up a large portion of Australia's economy. The challenge is that without training and jobs available, it becomes very challenging for people to climb the ladder of opportunity. It’s a big leap from the bottom to the top without clawing one’s way through the middle.
  • Australia: The Lucky Country

    What I do know is that if you say Australia is the lucky country; it's not a compliment. It was designed as an insult and our nation co-opting and lazily re-framing the phrase as a compliment, if anything, only proves Horne’s point.
  • Building the resilience of our young people

    Even before the impact of COVID-19, more young Australians had never held a job than ever before. In November 2019, over 100,000 Australians aged 15-24 had never been employed. Add in COVID-19 and many who would otherwise be connected to work are at risk of falling into long-term unemployment (young people made up 45% of the decline in employment in May this year).
  • The gladhanding *could* do you some good

    One of the interesting ‘inside’ aspects of politics is the process of organizing those visits you see on TV. You know the ones – where the pollie i...
  • Announcing: webinar

    I'm following up my presentation at the Australian Regional Development Conference today with a little webinar featuring my six top tools to access...
  • Please, disagree with me

    Post election, a close friend was talking to me recently about political accountability. The 24 hour media cycle has made many of our pollies so te...
  • Government partnerships in a new policy world

    Last week I made some predictions on the election and boy was I wrong. I’d guessed Labor to pick up six-odd Coalition seats – not a whitewash, bu...
  • Three reasons lobbying is a dying art

    Lobbying is a dying industry. I said this last week and I know it might upset some of my friends in the industry (sorry not sorry) – but I firmly b...