• 101 of Corporate Affairs

    Recently I had the opportunity to reflect on advice to a large multi-national firm looking to set up in Australia. With a communications team but no local corporate affairs function, they wanted to look at local ways to enhance, shape and protect their reputation – particularly with government, their most significant Australian stakeholder. 
  • Back from the dead - how C31 was saved

    Recently, Melbourne’s community television station Channel 31 was in a fight for its life. As a board member, it was a time of intensive activity and lobbying as we sought to extend the station’s free to air licence.
  • The Missing Middle

    In Australia, our service industries are very heavy on entry level and highly skilled jobs which are increasingly making up a large portion of Australia's economy. The challenge is that without training and jobs available, it becomes very challenging for people to climb the ladder of opportunity. It’s a big leap from the bottom to the top without clawing one’s way through the middle.