• NEW E-book 📔

    I’ve written an ebook. It’s an intro to the type of work the Advocacy School aims to do connecting organisations with government, covering three pillars to great government partnerships.

    The free e-book explains why getting the pitch right means finding a way to work with decision makers to get what you want - how to ask, when to ask, who to ask it of and most importantly, what the ask should look and sound like - credible and authentic.

  • Back from the dead - how C31 was saved

    Recently, Melbourne’s community television station Channel 31 was in a fight for its life. As a board member, it was a time of intensive activity and lobbying as we sought to extend the station’s free to air licence.
  • Launch of Advocacy School

    I did a little thing. Some of you know that I have deep experience interacting with lobbyists and community advocates. It’s driven me to want to help the many community organisations hitting a brick wall when it comes to getting support for policy change, delivering a service or securing a government grant or contract.

    So I decided to launch the Advocacy School. Advocacy School is a non-profit initiative providing community leaders with tools and knowledge they need to partner with government.

  • The gladhanding *could* do you some good

    One of the interesting ‘inside’ aspects of politics is the process of organizing those visits you see on TV. You know the ones – where the pollie i...
  • Three reasons lobbying is a dying art

    Lobbying is a dying industry. I said this last week and I know it might upset some of my friends in the industry (sorry not sorry) – but I firmly b...