Megan in purple against a purple wall

"Any interaction with Megan will leave you smiling, better informed and in awe of her energy.”

Megan Purcell has worked at the highest levels of government for over 15 years, including briefing Prime Ministers and her own tilt at Parliament as the Liberal candidate for Bendigo.

Megan is an outspoken, fun and honest advocate - particularly when it comes to encouraging women to step forward and step up.

A specialist in advocacy for economic development, she helps businesses, community groups and local authorities to turbo-charge their stakeholder engagement and work with decision makers - securing grants, creating successful tenders and influencing policy changes that benefit not only commerce but community.

Megan regularly features in national and local media including the ABC, Channel 9, The Australian The Herald Sun and ABC radio.

client in the employment and education sector says I can see that your intent and focus is genuine, and you really don’t “fluff” anything. I found myself leaning forward to listen more when you spoke, when usually I lean backwards! So I just wanted to thank you for being “real”.

When not changing the world, you’ll find Megan hiking in a national park, creating abstract art or devouring the latest Australian authors.