WEBINAR: Six top tools to access and influence government

Free workshop on mastering your influence: Over 60 minutes, I'll teach you my six top tools to access and influence government.

Hitting a brick wall when it comes to dealing with government? Need support for a policy change, delivering a service or securing a grant or contract? Or not even trying because it’s all too confusing and hard dealing with bureaucracy?

Ready to master your influence and build great government partnerships?  Join me for this online conversation.

Over 60 minutes you will learn how to make sure your business and community don't miss out on valuable infrastructure, social programs and resources.

Whether it’s grant funding, a legislative change or even a Senate inquiry, I can show you how to make sure politicians like you and everything you stand for, no matter their party affiliation (or yours).

It's perfect for people and organisations in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors, who need to work with government but don’t do it every day.

 “These lessons apply equally no matter the size of your ask or the level of government you want to approach (local, state or federal)”