Have you ever put in weeks and weeks of work, developed your best business case, schmoozed who you thought were all the right people and still failed?

In a world where so many organisations need to deal with decision makers, many hit a brick wall when it comes to getting support for policy change, delivering a service or securing a government grant or contract.

This means local communities miss out on valuable infrastructure, social programs and resources.

Working with government can be confronting and confusing for even the most seasoned operators. Businesses, not-for-profits and local governments work with professional lobbyists but meet with the wrong people at the wrong time.

Getting the pitch right means finding a way to work with decision makers to get what you want - how to ask, when to ask, who to ask it of and most importantly, what the ask should look and sound like - credible and authentic.

"I found myself leaning forward to listen more when you spoke, when usually I lean backwards! So I just wanted to thank you for being “real” and possessing a genuine passion and good intent for this sector."

For over 15 years, I’ve worked at and with the highest levels of government, including briefing Prime Ministers and my own tilt at Parliament as the Liberal candidate for Bendigo. A specialist in economic development, I’ve helped Ministers and departmental officials understand the concerns and needs of not-for-profits, local governments and service delivery organisations and regularly feature in national and local media including the ABC, Channel 9, The Australian, The Herald Sun, and radio.

Dealing with important decision makers, there's a massive - and unfair - advantage for those who know how the game works to get results. For everybody else, not having this know-how can leave you at a distinct disadvantage.

Now, I use my proven three pillars to great government partnerships to help businesses, community groups and industry bodies to work with decision makers - teaching them how to create and present applications for funding, tender to win lucrative contracts or raise awareness with a strong campaign that benefits not only commerce but community.


Build your proposal

Initially, we work together to get real clarity on your ask. We research and prepare, working systematically through the who, what, when, where, how and why of your project to build your proposal and maximise its potential impact.

I'll teach you how to create your pitch and articulate the ask, using the right language and tone for the identified decision makers.

Accelerate your ask

Once you've locked down your proposal and know exactly what to ask, we work on how to identify and influence the right people at the right time for the right result.

You'll learn who to talk to and how to secure meetings with them, how to leverage those meetings to lock in what you want, gain mutually beneficial outcomes and develop ongoing relationships.

Secure the result

Finally, we ensure you've got a fully developed pathway toward winning the tender or contract for service, nurturing a legislative and policy change or securing a grant. We develop a strategy to foster constructive relationships and build an ongoing connection - to land this ask and make future proposals easier to negotiate and secure.

Contact me today and let's have a chat.